Great taste or your money back

We’d really like you to like our new beer, but if you don’t, we need to know why. To claim your refund through the Heineken 3 Money Back Guarantee promotion, tell us why you don’t think Heineken 3 is a great tasting beer, in 15 words or more. By giving us honest feedback, you’re helping to improve our understanding, and bettering our product offering.

Product purchased*:

Note: to be valid it must have been purchased between and .
Please upload a photo or a scan of your receipt in a PDF/JPG/PNG format. Only purchases between 23/1/17 (00.01 AEDT) – 4/3/17 (11.59 AEDT) will be considered.

Would you like your money refunded into your bank account? If yes, please provide your bank details.

Please be extra careful about providing the correct bank details as the number you give here will be the number where we deposit your refund. Ensure that every number is correct, and in the right order.

Thank you for trying the new Heineken 3. While we are disappointed that you did not like the taste of our beer, we appreciate you taking the time to trial it.

Your Money Back Guarantee claim is now being processed. If your claim is unsuccessful we’ll endeavor to notify you by email within 20 business days. Otherwise, you can look to the refund amount being placed directly into your account.

We will endeavor to deposit each successful refund within 28 business days. However, if you have received no email or refund after that, feel free to enquire by emailing us at
Otherwise, your refund amount will be donated directly to the McGrath Foundation, as you have specified.

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