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Technology is a big part of what we do, and here you can explore the tech behind the brand HEINEKEN. Frequently we have tech-related events and latest news posts.
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Digital & Technology (D&T)

Digital & Technology (D&T) is the Global IT department of HEINEKEN. At D&T we aim to provide the most effective & efficient information services to support HEINEKEN in what HEINEKEN does best.

IT is the backbone of our business, and underpinning HEINEKEN's entire global operation is our sophisticated D&T infrastructure. This ensures that we have the technologies needed to keep operations running as smoothly as possible.

We have the objective to stay ahead of technological developments and building collaborative relationships throughout the organization.

As a member of HEINEKEN’s D&T team, you need more than just technical knowledge. We will expect you to get to grips with the commercial realities we face, enabling you to design, develop, implement and support the many different systems that are so vital in a competitive international market.

Ing Yan Ong

Senior Director D&T Solutions


If you are reading this, you have reached HEINEKEN D&T’s Beer & Tech site and are in for an inspiring time.

Here at HEINEKEN D&T, our focus is enabling our company to remain the global institution we have built over the past 150+ years by being top of our industry looking into the future.

Whether it be designing the latest model of Smart Fridge, or workshopping with our Robotics Team (that’s right, we have robots), we are customer-focused and continuously innovative. We keep HEINEKEN safe with our Security Framework, building digital trust with our stakeholders, and we keep HEINEKEN smart by brewing just as much data as we do beer, working findings into our daily operations through Advanced Analytics.

So welcome to D&T, and welcome to the Beer & Tech movement. Got questions? Join us and ask them! We’re excited to have you. !

Ronald Den Elzen

Chief Digital & Technology Officer

HEINEKEN has been social networking since 1864; building strong connections with our consumers, customers, suppliers and of course with our own employees. Connecting is in our DNA.

These strong connections are our competitive advantage: our understanding of consumers, customers and route to markets is a huge strength. Digitalisation, data & modern technology can deepen the value of these relations, increase our understanding and accelerate growth for everyone.

The department of Digital & Technology (D&T) is responsible for the integrated Digital & Technology strategy of HEINEKEN. We bring modern technology, digital and data solutions & insights that enable our customers and HEINEKEN to grow. From B2B platforms, Advanced Analytics & Algorithms, to IoT in our breweries and ERP systems. We work intensely & passionately across all our business functions to ease the life of our consumers, customers and our employees.

At D&T, we pride ourselves in enabling HEINEKEN in our journey to become the “Best Connected Brewer.”



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