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Heineken Minicooler FAQ
How can I get a Heineken mini cooler?
To receive your Heineken mini cooler, you’ll need a unique PIN which can be found on a sticker on specially marked cases of Heineken at The Beer Store. Once you have a unique PIN, visit to enter your PIN, select your item, and enter your shipping address to get your Heineken mini cooler delivered to your door.
Can I receive a Heineken mini cooler without purchasing a specially marked Heineken promotional case?
Yes, please click here for more information.
What address can we use for shipping?
The item can only be shipped to an Ontario, Canada mailing address (no postal boxes).
Where do I call if I'm having problems with my PIN?
We’re sorry to hear you're having difficulty with your PIN. Please ensure you are typing in the PIN exactly as it is on the sticker – including capitalization. If you still are experiencing issues, please contact customer service at 1-800-Molson1.
How long does it take to receive my Heineken mini cooler in the mail?
Please allow a maximum of 3 to 4 weeks for delivery.
Who do I call if I haven’t received my Heineken mini cooler order and it’s past the estimated delivery timing and/or the item is damaged.
Please contact 1-800-Molson1 and provide customer service with your order confirmation # that you received via e-mail.
Can I cancel my order or return the item?
Unfortunately, we cannot cancel your order once you have placed it, nor can the free item be returned.
Does my PIN expire?
Yes, this offer is only valid until November 30th, 2020 or while supplies last, whichever occurs first.
Can I redeem a PIN for more than one Heineken mini cooler?
No, each unique PIN allows you to redeem for one item only. However, if you have multiple PIN’s, then you can redeem the additional PIN(s) for an additional item(s).
Will Heineken be sending me communication via email for future promotions?
No, your email information will only be used to fulfill this order.
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