The Icon

Wherever you go in the world, it’s always refreshing to see something you recognise. That green bottle, the red star, the smiling ‘e’… like an instant welcome from an old friend. Cold, fresh, high quality Heineken. Enjoyed near and far since 1873.


We’re proud that every Heineken in every country always has the same consistent quality and taste, yet important to remember beer doesn’t like air. It affects the fresh crisp taste. A world-class Heineken deserves world-class protection: a firm foam head. It’s a seal that keeps the air out and the fine bubbles in and makes sure you can enjoy the taste as it meant to be.

The Can

On the beach, at a party or on the go? Feel and enjoy wherever you are a true touch of class with a cold can of Heineken, the refreshing taste that is kept safe from light and air. Be reassured the can saves the balanced richness in taste, the refreshing clarity and a beautiful golden-yellow colour inside.

Extra Cold

When the temperature starts to rise, it’s time for Extra Cold Heineken. Order a smooth draught from the frozen column. Chilled to zero-degree perfection for longer lasting refreshment. What better way to stay cool?


Can’t get to a bar? So bring the bar to you. The DraughtKeg is filled with five litres of fresh and refreshing draught Heineken. Just raise your glass, tap and pour. Party? Barbeque? The big match? Serve your guests the perfect glass of smooth, cold Heineken.


Heineken is a light-bodied beer that is brewed with 100% Barley malt, choice hops and pure water. The historic brewing method gives Heineken unsurpassed clarity and a light, crisp taste. Now available in a 1.5 Liter Magnum bottle just in time for the Holidays!

1.5L Magnum Bottle Details:
• Champagne-style cork with wire cage
• Premium festive design
• Ideal for sharing occasions or gifting
• Same great Heineken taste!

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