If we asked you which is the first image that comes to mind if we say F1, you will probably think to the pilot who is trying to get first place, the crowd who encourages him and millions of hands who are clapping to the winner. And yes, great, this is what usually we see. But what if we told you that there is a secret behind his success?

The Perfect Man

Most people think that F1 is an individual sport but the truth is behind every great driver, there is always a great team. F1 drivers can’t make any mistake, even the smallest detail can change the outcome. David Coulthard knows that, and he knows that without his team, he couldn’t have achieved all the successes he got. Behind every great performance there is always a team effort.

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Heineken, a proud partner of Formula 1 racing beginning in 2016, has embraced the role of introducing the World of F1 to millions of people around the world. Our task is to show that Formula 1 is more than a race and that it can be interesting and accessible to consumers with different levels of fanship. We want to recruit new fans to the sport and invite them to enjoy it together with Heineken®.

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For the new F1® season, we're opening the world of
Formula 1® for millions of fans around the world.

And since Heineken is now Formula 1® official partner, you'll
find our refreshing beer at every Grand Prix and some exciting
activities in selected Fan Zones. But above all, we'll be sharing
and spreading the passion for the wider world of F1® with you,
wherever you are.

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