Worlds Apart


Two strangers, divided by their beliefs, meet for the first time. Each knows nothing about the other or what the experiment will involve.

Will they prove that there's more that unites us than divides us?

Two people standing opposite one another in a warehouse


Human Library Partnership

Weʼre partnering with The Human Library™, a worldwide movement for social change. The Human Library™ is a unique not-for-profit organisation which seeks to challenge stereotypes by running events where you can talk to real people with extraordinary backgrounds.

Every person or ʻbookʼ in the Library can be ʻloaned outʼ for conversations that aim to break down barriers and challenge social prejudices. Join us at two special events this summer where you can speak openly to bestselling ʻbooksʼ over a beer at a Heineken pub.

Location: Edinburgh & Liverpool
Dates: Summer 2017

Register your interest here to be updated on the event happening in your area.

Discover some of the 'books' available for selection here:

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