Formula One. Two words that make hearts thump harder.
Some say F1 is fast cars and the brave drivers who race them.
We say it’s a once in a lifetime event, every time.
It’s the challenge of few, shared by many.
It’s where the world meets the world.
Both on and off the circuit.
F1 turns cities into playgrounds for 72 hours.
And we’re proud to support it .

David Coulthard, F1 commentator & former driver, now our Global Heineken F1 Ambassador, will show you F1 is more than a race.


Sir Jackie Stewart’s success on the circuit is no secret. But Jackie Stewart’s success in life off the circuit should be equally celebrated. The triple F1 World Champion  is also a pioneer in safety. When it comes to driving and drinking he has a simple rule of thumb; he doesn’t. Never did. Never will. The two don’t mix. And that’s a point of view we wholly support.

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You will see Heineken at a number of races all across the world. And since Heineken is now Formula 1’s global beer partner, you will have a lot to look forward to from us. You will find our refreshing beer at all GP’s and some exciting activities in selected Fan Zones. But above all, we’ll be sharing and spreading the passion for the wider world of F1 with you, wherever you are.

See you at the races

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