Held every four years, Rugby World Cup™ is not only one of the largest sports events in the world, but also the centrepiece event and pinnacle of rugby for players and fans alike. 
For the first time in Rugby World Cup™ history the tournament will be taking place in Japan, who will host more than 500k visitors from across the globe with over 1.7million tickets being sold for the 48 matches. With fans travelling from across the globe to Asia & lucky locals finding themselves at the heart of the action, this tournament will prove that rugby crosses all divides and has the potential to bring people together….. no matter where they come from or how much they know about rugby.
That’s why our new 2019 campaign will demonstrate how, during Rugby World Cup™ everyone can become a fan, even if you don’t know all the rules…

We will also help existing rugby fans and novice sport fans alike get more out of Rugby World Cup™ through the use of “The Universal Language of Rugby” explaining the rules of rugby through fan passion points, keep them posted with weekly highlights and fuel their conversation ahead of games with weekly facts and quizzes around rugby. Please keep an eye on our social channels throughout Rugby World Cup™ Japan, 2019 for some of this content

Heading to Japan to catch Rugby World Cup™?
Download the Official RWC 2019 App and use the
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