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Moderate Drinkers Wanted

As one of the world’s leading brewers, we are committed to using our brands to reinforce the positive role of beer in society when consumed responsibly. We use the characteristic creativity innate to Heineken® to tackle the subject of moderation in a progressive and relevant way. By showing positive behaviour instead of criticising bad behaviour, we believe we can help change consumer attitudes to alcohol consumption.


“Moderate Drinkers Wanted” is the latest campaign in a ten year programme by HEINEKEN to make moderate drinking aspirational. For the first time, Heineken® has placed women at the heart of its campaign, empowering them to encourage men to moderate their drinking, in a light hearted way. The campaign centrepiece is a new TVC entitled “The Hero” and is set to a soundtrack of an iconic song - Bonnie Tyler’s classic “Holding out for a Hero”.  


The campaign launches at a point of discernible shift in consumer behaviour. Research shows a global trend towards moderation, Moderate Drinkers Wanted is aimed at adding momentum to this trend, and giving men a nudge in the right direction.


Gianluca Di Tondo, Senior Director Global Heineken Brand at HEINEKEN, said; “Research shows that Heineken’s consumers are starting to take heed of the moderation message.  They are changing, but they need another push - from someone they care about.  That is why the focus has now turned on women and what is important to them. Now it’s about moderation becoming an active choice.”

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