1) Information on how to participate in the Heineken OPEN MANILA Logbook promotion (henceforth the ‘Promotion’) forms part of these terms and conditions of entry. Participation in the Promotion is deemed acceptance of these terms and conditions of entry.

2) The Promotion commences at 12:00am on Saturday May 6, 2017 and concludes at 11:59pm on Friday June 30, 2017 (henceforth the ‘Promotional Period’), and will be conducted in participating Heineken bars, clubs and restaurants in Metro Manila (henceforth the ‘Participating Venues’). For a complete list of the Participating Venues, see the ‘Participating Venues’ tab.

3) Participants must be over 18 years old to partake in the Promotion.

4) To participate in the promotion, customers must first obtain an OPEN MANILA Log Book, which will be widely distributed at the Participating Venues. Customers must then purchase any of the following products (henceforth the ‘Participating Products’) from any of the Participating Venues:
a. Heineken 33cl Bottle
b. Heineken Draught (of any volume)
c. Heineken 33cl Can

5) For every purchase of one Participating Product, the customer will receive one Heineken sticker to be placed into the sticker page of their Logbook. Customers may trade in their Heineken stickers for prizes at the Participating Venues.

Prize Number of Heineken® Stickers in Logbook Required
Heineken Open Manila T-Shirt 3
Heineken Passport Holder 5
Heineken Travel Bag 10



6) Prizes must be claimed directly from Participating Venues using the Logbook’s sticker page as proof. When redeeming prizes, the corresponding section of the sticker page must be removed from the Logbook and traded in for the prize. Once a prize has been redeemed, the customer will receive a “redeemed” sticker to place in their Logbook.

7) Prizes must be claimed in order. The T-Shirt is to be claimed first, followed by the passport holder, and finally, the travel bag. Customers will not be able to claim passport holders and travel bags unless they show the redeemed sticker(s) of the previous prize(s).

8) Prize redemptions are subject to availability and must be done while stocks last.

9) Prizes awarded may not be exactly as illustrated in displays or marketing for the giveaway.

10) Unless otherwise specified, prizes are not exchangeable or transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash.

11) Stickers may be transferred from one Logbook to another, provided the customer gives in the Logbook they will no longer be using.

12) AB Heineken Philippines Inc. will not be held liable to reimburse customers for prizes damaged during transportation and distribution.

13) Staff at Participating Venues reserve the right to disqualify participants from partaking in the Promotion if they are deemed to be in breach of the aforementioned terms and conditions.



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