The Heineken® Open Your City Giveaway for the Luzon Region 


Terms and Conditions of Entry


1) Information on how to enter the Heineken® Open Your City Giveaway (henceforth the ‘Promotion’) forms part of these terms and conditions of entry. Participation in the Promotion is deemed acceptance of these terms and conditions of entry. 

2) The Promotion commences at 12:00am on Wednesday April 12, 2017 and concludes at 11:59pm on Friday June 30, 2017 (henceforth the ‘Promotional Period’), and will be conducted in 7-Eleven outlets across the Luzon region.

3) The Promotion will consist of an Instant Prize section and a Helicopter Tour Raffle section.

4) Participants must be over 18 years old to partake in the Promotion.

5) The cashier reserves the right to disqualify participants from partaking in the Promotion if they are deemed to be in breach of the terms and conditions.

The Instant Prize Section

6) To partake in the Instant Prize section, customers must purchase four Heineken® Cities Edition 33cl bottles (the ‘Participating Product’) from any participating 7-Eleven outlet in the Luzon region during the Promotional Period. Doing so will cause a redemption voucher for one Heineken® Star Glass (henceforth the “Instant Prize”) to be automatically generated on the customer’s receipt. One Instant Prize redemption voucher will be generated for every purchase of four Participating Products.

7) Instant Prizes must be claimed directly from the 7-Eleven counter using the redemption voucher immediately after purchase. Redemptions made at a later date after purchase will not be permitted.

8) Instant Prize redemptions are subject to availability and must be done while stocks last.

9) Instant Prizes awarded may not be exactly as illustrated in displays or marketing for the giveaway.

10) There is no limit on the number of Instant Prizes a customer redeems.

11) Unless otherwise specified, Instant Prizes are not exchangeable or transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash.

12) AB Heineken® Philippines Inc. will not be held liable to reimburse customers for Instant Prizes damaged during transportation and distribution.

The Helicopter Tour Raffle Section
13) To partake in the Helicopter Tour Raffle (henceforth the ‘Raffle’), customers must purchase four Participating Products from any 7-Eleven outlet in Luzon during the Promotional Period, and scan their 7-Eleven Rewards Barcode via their Every Day Rewards Card or CLiQQ app at the cashier. Every purchase of four Participating Products will generate one raffle entry. 

14) Participants may enter the Raffle as many times as they wish, but winners will not be permitted to win more than once.

15) CLiQQ app users must provide their full registration details for raffle entries as per DTI regulations in the “My Raffle Entries” section of the application prior to entering the Raffle. 

16) The Raffle will be open to residents of Metro Manila above the age of 18. Employees of AB Heineken Philippines Inc., Asia Brewery Inc., Philippine Seven Corporation, Publicis Manila Inc. and its subsidiaries, and relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from entering the Raffle.

17) 10 winners of the Raffle will be randomly selected on July 7, 2017 at 12:00pm by an AB Heineken® Philippines representative (henceforth the ‘Raffle Determiner’). Each winner will win a voucher for a helicopter tour of Metro Manila for two arranged by Aero-Tour Incorporated (henceforth the “Raffle Prize”). Winners will be notified via email and phone, and will be given instructions to collect their prize.

18) The Raffle Determiner reserves the right to disqualify participants from partaking in the Raffle if they are deemed to be in breach of the terms and conditions.

19) The Raffle Prize is transferrable, but is not exchangeable and cannot be redeemed for cash.

20) Winners will shoulder costs all incurred in the securing of their prize, including but not limited to: Bus/Taxi Fares, Gas, Parking, etc.

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