Our family never set out to just brew a beer.
We set out to perfect it.

How passion, innovation, family dynamics and a little thing called A-Yeast led the Heineken family to create the world’s most international premium beer.

Born in Amsterdam.
Raised by family.

In 1864, Gerard Heineken bought a brewery and began perfecting a recipe for Holland’s first premium beer. His high quality standards have been followed by three generations ever since. Because anything less, just isn’t enough.

A spirit of innovation
that lead to perfection.

It took a Louis Pasteur-trained scientist to develop the A-Yeast that gives Heineken its rich flavor and aroma. Other innovations followed, but the taste has remained the same for over 140 years.

We believe in our beer,
so we put our name on it.

The Heineken family strives for the highest levels of quality with our ingredients and brewing process. When your family name is on the label, you care even more.

The same premium taste.
Now served in 192 countries.

Quality isn't measured by the size of our company, but by the purity of our beer. That’s why every drop served in the U.S. is imported from our family-owned brewery in Holland.

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