Star Magic

Our famous red star is an ancient brewery symbol. Four points represent the natural ingredients: malted barley, water, hops and unique Heineken A-Yeast®. The fifth point? The ‘unknown magic’ of brewing. While we no longer rely on magic (we prefer passionate craftsmanship), our beer still tastes magical. 

World Class Genes

In 1873, Gerard Heineken was so proud of the quality of his new lager beer, he put his family name on the bottle that left the brewery. Back then, it didn’t travel much further than Amsterdam, Holland. Now today, 144  years and 192 countries later, the Heineken® name is known and respected worldwide.

The Only Beer Enjoyed in 192 Countries

From Argentina to Zambia, Heineken® is enjoyed in more countries than many other premium beers. Which means it’s requested in more languages than any other beer on earth. Its flavour and unrivalled quality ensures that you’ll find it at all fine establishments around the globe, be in New York, New Delhi or Nairobi. Cheers to that. Or as they say in Nairobi, “Maisha mareful!”. 


What makes our beer so special? Our unique A-Yeast®, discovered back in the 19th century. It’s what gives Heineken® its characteristic taste, with subtle fruity notes – the same taste that people all over the world love. Here’s to A-Yeast® making sure we don’t need a Plan B when brewing Heineken®.

Horizontal Brewing

Heineken® stands tall among beers but did you know that while most brewers use the more efficient vertical tanks, we let our brew ferment in horizontal tanks? This allows the A-Yeast® to give Heineken® its taste balance, with subtle fruity notes. Because we are all about quality rather than efficiency.

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