The Icon

The Heineken® 330ml bottle, enjoyed in over 192 countries, has been updated to reflect our iconic green and our legendary red star. Rest assured, the beer still tastes as incredible as ever.


Our Heineken® draught glasses have a duty to hold up to the beer inside. The iconic red star is a stamp that assures you that you’re about to drink a beer loved in over 192 countries.

The Can

The Heineken® 330ml can is a combination of our new green identity and an innovative design, with the same refreshing taste you love.


Introducing the Heineken® 5L Draught Keg. Its unique draughting mechanism allows you to enjoy a true draught beer experience whenever and wherever you choose. Whether it’s at a party, at a braai or while enjoying the game with friends, the Draught Keg is always ready for action.

440ml Can

Much like our 330ml can, the 440ml Heineken® can has been given a slight makeover. Its design has been updated to look as refreshing as the beer inside.

650ml Bottle

Heineken® tastes best when it’s shared. For maximum enjoyment, the Heineken® 650ml bottle is designed for enjoying great beer with best friends.

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